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  • At Zutano we strive to create the best possible baby products by designing each item with comfort, simplicity and ingenuity in mind. We draw on our 30 years of experience to continue bringing our customers the top quality garments and accessories that are the hallmarks of our business.

  • Zutano clothing is now made with ORGANIC Cotton!  (except cozie fleece and a few exceptions)

  • Zutano is very well known for their “Cozie” fleece items such as booties, mittens and hats with ears.   The booties really stay on and these are a MUST HAVE for any mom  

  • A relatively new category, Zutano has several styles of adorable and stylish leather shoes that have a durable, flexible sole, and are great for both babies and new walkers.  $19.75 wholesale.

  • Zutano now owns the Morgan and Milo brand of shoes!  These can be found on the wholesale website.  

  • Login at www.zutwholesale to view the entire line.  Contact me if you need create an account to acquire a login code.

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